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常見問題 FAQ

有學習障礙的小朋友可以學習滾軸溜冰嗎? Can kids with different kinds of learning disabilities be able to learn roller skating?

Our school encourages kids to try different activities. However, parents may have to help during lessons.

每堂教練都是同一位嗎?Will it be the same instructor for every lesson?

Unless the instructor takes leave, the same session will be the same instructor.

有沒有試堂?Is there any trial class?

Our school doesn’t have free trial lesson. But student can pay for 1 lesson instead of a package.

報名後可以轉時間嗎?Can I change the timeslot after enrollment?

Yes. But we have to see is there any vacancy in other classes.

學要多少堂才能學懂?How many lessons does a beginner need to learn how to skate?

Normally 1 lesson is enough for a beginner to stand and step by himself/herself. However, it depends also on their physique and character.

如果有事未能出席課堂,可以後補嗎?If I can’t attend a lesson, is there any make up class?

Yes. You can choose another timeslot if you don’t want to skip the lesson on that week. You can also choose to resume the class the week after. But first you have to take leave with us.

學懂基本技巧後有什麼活動可以參與?After learning basic skills, is there any activities that students can join?

Yes. For those who are interested in speed skating will be promoted to elite class. Our school will hold speed skating racing and attend public performance regularly as well.

家長可以觀看上課情況嗎?Can parents stay and watch the lesson?

Yes. Our school provides a resting room to parents to stay and watch the lesson.

學懂滾軸溜冰會懂溜冰嗎?Will I know ice-skating after learning roller skating?

The basic skills of inline skating and ice skating are very similar. After learning inline skating, one can also do ice skating with some adaptation.

有沒有證書頒發?Is there any certificate given to the students?

Yes. Students who completed in-class test with certain level will be given a certificate. Besides, students who take part in racing and performance will be awarded with a certificate also.