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地址:Address: 香港太古英皇道 1065號東達中心 19樓 05室(太古站A1出口)
Unit 1905 Eastern Centre, No. 1065 King’s Road, Tai Koo, Hong Kong (Tai koo A1 Exit)
電話:Phone: (852) 2977 5128
傳真:Fax: (852) 3013 8679
Whats App: 9410 7971 (一般查詢、課程)
6805 0262 (用具、比賽裝備及速度課程)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/checkerhk
YouTube: www.youtube.com/checkerhk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/checker_inline/
辦公時間:Opening Hours: 因應新型冠狀病毒肺炎情況,由23/3(星期一)開始,本校將實拖彈性上班安排,敬請有興趣來上課或購物的朋友於最少一天前預約,讓我們安排職員回校為大家服務。🙏🏻😉

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, starting from 23/3(Mon), we will apply flexible working arrangement. If you would like to come to visit us, please make an appointment with us 1 day in advance, so that we can arrange a staff to come back and serve you.🙏🏻😉

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